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Open 365 days a year, Shannon’s Bayshore is the home of Cocktails, Pool, World Famous Shoot-The-Roots, Tri-Tip, best Free Holiday Turkey Buffet and St. Pat’s Corned Beef that rivals any 5-star. Seriously, try us! 

Sublime’s favorite hangout in the 90’s to today, we are home to countless memories. Our walls are covered with dollar bills etched with the words and lively phrases of our visitors that lead right to the heart of what makes Shannon’s Bayshore so special. 

As one of the oldest bars around, we serve thousands of recipes and products. We are a Top seller of
Jameson and our bar team is fast, but we also know how to chill. We are family owned and operated with several staff employed for 20+ years. When you’re out at the Bays, it feels like home,” these lyrics to ‘Shoot The Root,’ explain it all.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or heartbreak, we are here to serve up liquid comfort and intimate conversations. Shannon’s Bayshore is the best Bar in Long Beach, and beyond!

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